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The Collection of Hayashi Tadamasa related letters and reference materials

About this website

About this website

  • “The Collection of Hayashi Tadamasa related letters and reference materials” is a site offering images and transcriptions of letters addressed to Hayashi Tadamasa and related letters and reference materials for scholarly and research purposes. This collection of letters is owned by the Tokyo National Research Institute for Cultural Properties and is on deposit with the National Museum of Western Art.
  • These letters are difficult to read in places; the transcriptions are based on the results of research available at this point. If you have comments about the transcriptions, please share you views using the Contact address shown below. For the transcription rules and those who cooperated in producing the transcriptions, please see the Notes. There are letters which have not been transcribed yet. Those transcriptions will be disclosed when they are prepared.
  • You may search for letters and other documents using the sender, date sent, or list of letters.
  • This website was built as one of the projects of the National Center for Art Research and is operated by the National Museum of Western Art.

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Rights and Use of the Contents

  • Any copyrights and other rights to the images, texts, and other digital contents on this website (“the contents” hereinafter) belong to the respective copyright holders, unless otherwise specified, and are protected under the Copyright Act of Japan and international treaties.
  • On this website, that the copyright protection period of the original material has expired has been confirmed before digitizing and sharing that material.
  • For secondary use of the contents, check the Usage Guide.


On transcribing the letters

  • Letters in the collection with a “Kokusho XX” number, have, based on the transcribed texts in the following volume, been re-transcribed by Saito Tatsuya and Uketa Yoshito, under the overall supervision of Brigette Koyama-Richard:

    Institut de Tokyo, Institution Administrative Indépendante, Centre National de Recherche pour les Propriétés Culturelles. Correspondance adressée à Hayashi Tadamasa. Tokyo: Kokusho Kankōkai, 2001.

  • Letters in the collection with a “Fujiwara XX” number have been transcribed by the following:
    • One letter in German from Justus Brinckmann (Letter ID: h1902061501): Ikeda Yuko
    • Sixteen letters from Raphaël Collin: Mitani Rika
    • Three letters from Albert Bartholomé, one from the Le Barc de Boutteville gallery, six in French from Justus Brinckmann, two from Louise Catherine Breslau, one from Georges Petit, five from Alphonse Portier, two from Paul Renouard (Letter ID: h1902122003, h1903112701), fourteen from Henri Rivière, and one from Jean François Raffaëlli: Mabuchi Akiko
    • Overall supervision: Takato Mako
  • In principle, only the handwritten parts of the letters are transcribed; the printed letterheads are not. Where the date has been partly printed and partly handwritten, however, the entire date has been transcribed to communicate its meaning.
  • Places with double or triple underlines have been consistently transcribed with single underlines.
  • Terms that have been struck through have not, as a rule, been transcribed.
  • Terms that could to be deciphered, including signatures, were indicated with [?].
  • Terms for which the interpretation is uncertain are indicated by placing them in [brackets]
  • Where a word was confirmed to have been misspelled, it was transcribed as in the original document, with [sic] inserted after it.
  • Grammatical errors were transcribed as in the original document.
  • For proper names difficult to make out and Japanese art terms, the following book, which includes Japanese translations of these letters, was consulted in transcribing them:
    • Kigi Yasuko, ed., Takato Mako, trans., Hayashi Tadamasa ate shokan, Shiryōshu (Letters to Hayashi Tadamasa and reference materials). Tokyo: Shinzansha, 2003.
  • The names of the senders of the letters are based on the union lists available in the following databases and dictionaries:
    • ULAN: Union List of Artist Names Online
    • Oxford Art Online
    • Allgemeines Künstlerlexikon Online
    • VIAF: Virtual International Authority File


The following made enormous contributions to building and opening this website (Alphabetical order):
Brigette Koyama-Richard
Independent Administrative Institution National Institutes for Cultural Heritage, Tokyo National Research Institute for Cultural Properties:
Kikkawa Hideki, Oyamada Tomohiro, Shioya Jun, Tamura Ayako, Yoshida Akiko
Mabuchi Akiko
Takato Mako


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