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The Collection of Hayashi Tadamasa related letters and reference materials

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How to search for letters

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Letters can be searched for by the month and year on which they were sent
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Letters can be searched for by the name of the person or the organization that sent them, in alphabetical order.
Search from the list of letters:
A letter can be selected from a list giving the record number* for letters in published books, and the sender, recipient, month and date sent, type, and other information, in ID number order.
*The record numbers follow short forms of the names of the publisher of the books. The short forms and the books they refer to are as follows:
-Institut de Tokyo, Institution Administrative Indépendante, Centre National de Recherche pour les Propriétés Culturelles. Correspondance adressée à Hayashi Tadamasa. Tokyo : Kokushokai, 2001.
Kigi Yasuko, ed., Takato Mako, trans., Hayashi Tadamasa ate shokan, Shiryōshu (Letters to Hayashi Tadamasa and reference materials). Tokyo: Shinzansha, 2003.
Kigi Yasuko, ed., Takato Mako, ed., author, Bijutsushō Hayashi Tadamasa no kiseki 1853-1906—19 seiki matsu Pari to Meiji Nihon to ni hikisakarete (The trajectory of the art dealer Hayashi Tadamasa, 1853-1906: Torn between fin de siècle Paris and Meiji Japan) Tokyo: Fujiwara Shoten, 2022.

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* Only information and an image of the letter are displayed in case the transcribed text is in preparation.

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Downloading Content

Any images and texts made available on this website that have a download button attached may be freely downloaded for personal research purposes.

Terms and Conditions for Secondary Use of Content

The images of letters and transcribed texts may, unless otherwise specified, be included in publications without charge and without going through special procedures, provided the following conditions are met:

  1. They will be used in scholarly papers and books (e-books as well) or educational publications, websites, or presentation slides for academic use;
  2. The credit stated on the item page for each letter is displayed;
  3. Care is taken concerning the letter author’s personal rights, privacy, and other concerns; should processing of rights be necessary, the user shall carry it out.
    *If a problem arises between the user and a third party, the user shall take all responsibility.
  4. Please provide the required number of any deliverables that were produced using the contents of this site to the following:

    One, to the Research Library, National Museum of Western Art, Ueno Koen 7-7, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0007

    One, to the Library, Tokyo National Research Institute for Cultural Properties, Ueno Koen 13-43, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-8713.

    *Please note that the deliverables provided may be made available for viewing as part of each institution’s collection.

If you wish to use the images of letters and the transcribed texts for purposes other than those stated above, please apply via the Contact address.

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You are free to use permalinks to this website (https://hayashi.nmwa.go.jp/) and the materials presented on it. To make links to individual materials, please click on the “permalink” button on the item page.